Author: Alice Grosch


Using Jupyter-JSC



Use the sidebar to navigate between pages. Check out announcements or documentation related to Jupyter-JSC in the links section!

Account widget

Use the account widget to check your account information or to logout.


If you have multiple groups, you can switch between them here. If you are only a member of a single group, this part of the menu will be hidden for you.

Main area

In the main area, you can find an overview of your existing JupyterLab configurations. Using the buttons on the right side of each row, you can start, open (if already running) or stop a JupyterLab. Click on a row to expand it and see more details about your JupyterLab. You can even edit existing configurations or check the logs of previous attempts!

You can also start a new JupyterLab by clicking on the "New" button on the top part of the page.

Starting a new JupyterLab

When you click on the "New" button to start a new JupyterLab, you will see a popup with multiple pages. Use the tabs on the left side to navigate between them.

Service configuration:


JupyterLab options:


Use this to configure your new JupyterLab. Click the start button at the bottom of the popup to start your new JupyterLab.

Starting or modifying existing JupyterLab configurations

Modify an existing configuration

Click on a configuration in the overview table to expand one of your JupyterLab configurations. This gives you a more detailed view about your JupyterLab.
Similar to the popup when you want to create a new JupyterLab, you have multiple pages that you can navigate by clicking on the tabs on the left side.


NEW! You can change the configuration of existing JupyterLabs!

Simply select or input the new option you want:


If you want to save your changes, either click the "Save" button or the "Start" button. If you click the "Start" button, your changes will be applied automatically.
If you want to discard all changes, click on the "Revert" button to revert back to your previous configuration.

Check on JupyterLabs


The status bar in the table will show you the status of your JupyterLab. If it is running, it will be green. If something went wrong during the last spawn attempt, it will be red.

A running JupyterLab with a green status bar:

A JupyterLab which failed to start with a red status bar: