Author: Jens Henrik Göbbert


List of Extensions on Jupyter-JSC

If you want to use any of these extensions, feel free to use our examples as a starting point.

You can list the currently installed extensions by running the command in the JupyterLab terminal: jupyter labextension list

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!jupyter labextension list
JupyterLab v2.1.4
Known labextensions:
   app dir: /gpfs/software/juwels/stages/Devel-2019a/software/Jupyter/2019a.2-gcccoremkl-8.3.0-2019.3.199-Python-3.6.8/share/jupyter/lab
        @bokeh/jupyter_bokeh v2.0.2  enabled  OK
        @jupyter-voila/jupyterlab-preview v1.1.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-sidecar v0.5.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/git v0.20.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/server-proxy v2.1.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/toc v4.0.0  enabled  OK
        @krassowski/jupyterlab-lsp v1.0.0  enabled  OK
        @krassowski/jupyterlab_go_to_definition v1.0.0  enabled  OK
        @parente/jupyterlab-quickopen v0.5.0  enabled  OK
        @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz v1.0.4  enabled  OK
        @ryantam626/jupyterlab_code_formatter v1.3.1  enabled  OK
        bqplot v0.5.12  enabled  OK
        dask-labextension v2.0.2  enabled  OK
        ipyvolume v0.6.0-alpha.5  enabled  OK
        itkwidgets v0.27.0  enabled  OK
        jupyter-leaflet v0.13.0  enabled  OK
        jupyter-matplotlib v0.7.2  enabled  OK
        jupyter-threejs v2.2.0  enabled  OK
        jupyter-vue v1.3.2  enabled  OK
        jupyter-vuetify v1.4.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-control v1.1.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-dash v0.2.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-datawidgets v6.3.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-gitlab v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-lmod v0.7.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-plotly v4.8.1  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-system-monitor v0.6.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-theme-toggle v0.5.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-topbar-extension v0.5.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab_iframe v0.2.2  enabled  OK
        nbdime-jupyterlab v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        plotlywidget v4.8.1  enabled  OK
        pvlink v0.3.1  enabled  OK

Dask (only on HPC Systems)


An extension to manage Dask clusters, as well as embed Dask's dashboard plots directly into JupyterLab panes.
Watch this video until the end to unterstand how to use Dask in JupyterLab. At the moment we only offer to use the panels inside of JupyterLab.
We have introduction notebooks for this extensions here (or open the gitlab extension on the left sidebar).

A JupyterLab Git extension for version control using git.

A Table of Contents extension for JupyterLab. This auto-generates a table of contents in the left area when you have a notebook or markdown document open.
The entries are clickable, and scroll the document to the heading in question.

A Python / ThreeJS bridge utilizing the Jupyter widget infrastructure.

The Jupyterlab Leaflet extension enables interactive maps.
You can find several example notebooks here.

A sidecar output widget for JupyterLab

Voilà turns Jupyter notebooks into standalone web applications.

Unlike the usual HTML-converted notebooks, each user connecting to the Voilà tornado application gets a dedicated Jupyter kernel which can execute the callbacks to changes in Jupyter interactive widgets.

This extension allows you to render a Notebook with Voilà, so you can see how your Notebook will look with it.

You can download a test notebook with the following command:

 $ wget --no-check-certificate https://jupyter-jsc.fz-juelich.de/static/files/voila_basics.ipynb

and get a preview of it with the button at the top of your notebook.

Quick Open allows you to quickly open a file in JupyterLab by typing part of its name. Just click on the lens symbol at the left sidebar.
Takes a long time on HPC systems.

The LaTeX Extension is an extension for JupyterLab which allows for live-editing of LaTeX documents.
Here you can find a short example.

This is a small Jupyterlab plugin to support using various code formatter on the server side and format code cells/files in Jupyterlab.
Please read the documentation.

3d plotting for Python in the Jupyter notebook based on IPython widgets using WebGL. Please read the documentation.

Jupyter interactive notebook server extension that allows user to interact with environment modules before launching kernels.
The extension use Lmod's Python interface to accomplish module related task like loading, unloading, saving collection, etc.

Leveraging the Jupyter interactive widgets framework, ipympl enables the interactive features of matplotlib in the Jupyter notebook and in JupyterLab.
Besides, the figure canvas element is a proper Jupyter interactive widget which can be positioned in interactive widget layouts.
Please read the documentation.

Tools for diffing and merging of Jupyter notebooks.
Please read the documentation.

Plotly's Python graphing library makes interactive, publication-quality graphs. Examples of how to make line plots, scatter plots, area charts, bar charts, error bars, box plots, histograms, heatmaps, subplots, multiple-axes, polar charts, and bubble charts.
Please read the documentation.

A JupyterLab extension for displaying GPU usage dashboards

Other Extensions useful for Jupyter Users

  • jupyter_bokeh
  • jupyterlab-lsp
  • jupyterlab_go_to_definition
  • jupyterlab_pyviz
  • bqplot
  • itkwidgets
  • jupyterlab-dash
  • jupyterlab-gitlab
  • jupyterlab-control
  • jupyterlab_iframe
  • jupyterlab-theme-toggle

Internal Extensions

  • jupyterlab-datawidgets
  • jupyterlab-server-proxy
  • jupyterlab-system-monitor
  • jupyterlab-topbar-extension
  • pvlink
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